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Serving the world's leading foundries since 1999
Aluminum Foundry Training and Education
The Foundry Way Learning Center is the avenue for hands-on learning...
Wholesale Supplier
of aluminum ingot and master alloys to the aluminum casting industry.
Laboratory Testing and Services
State-of-the-art lab services and testing for the foundry industry
Industrial Scrap Recycling Services
On-floor scrap management and industrial scrap recycling services.

Aluminum Ingot & Master Alloy

Supplying quality aluminum ingot and master alloys to the aluminum casting industry...

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The Learning Center

Down to earth aluminum foundry courses that integrate classroom, laboratory, and foundry instruction in a hands-on environment.

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Laboratory Services

Metallurgical, Chemical, Mechanical, and Non-destructive testing focused on aluminum based products.

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Request your free handbook - Aluminum Foundry Casting Defects

...a critical tool for supervisors, engineers, and quality personnel in the aluminium foundry industry.

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What type of aluminum products do you supply?
The Foundry Way specializes in primary and secondary aluminum alloys. We can deliver in various forms such as ingot, t-ingot, billets, and sow. We also are capable of supplying your foundry all the necessary additives such as copper, silicon, magnesium, Strontium and Ti-bor.  
Why should I consider using your Industrial Recycling Services?
We can help your company by assisting in developing a recycle program that not only keeps your company more environmentally responsible, but also make your recycle program make financial sense.
What types of lab services do you offer?
The Foundry Way has a fully functional lab with the ability to analyze mechanical and metallurgical properties of all types of aluminum alloys. We also offer both non-destructive and destructive testing. Visit our Lab Services page for more information.    
What can you tell me about the new Learning Center?
The Learning Center was introduced in 2018 with the purpose of teaching critical foundry processes and controls to those who produce and purchase aluminum castings. Taught by some of the most knowledgeable aluminum foundry leaders in the business, our unique hands-on approach enables students to address real-world problems in a simple understandable way.
Why partner with The Foundry Way?
The Foundry Way is not your typical aluminum supplier. Our on-site learning center, metallurgical laboratory, and recycling center allows us to be your “go to” partner for foundry support.

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