Aluminum Ingot and Master Alloys

The Foundry Way is a wholesale aluminum ingot supplier specializing in supplying both primary and secondary alloys to the aluminum foundry markets. The Foundry Way also is a leading supplier of aluminum master alloys and aluminum additives such as aluminum grain refiners , aluminum strengthening additives, and cast aluminum silicon modifiers.

Primary Ingot Alloy

  • 319.1
  • 319.1 Sr
  • 713.1
  • 535.2
  • A206.2
  • Za 12
  • Zinc #3 & #5
  • C355
  • C355.2
  • A356
  • A356.1 (.15 Fe)
  • 356.1 (.5 Fe)
  • A356.2 (Sr)
  • 357
  • 357.1
  • A354
  • A360.1
  • A380.1
  • 390.1
  • 413.1

Master Alloys and Additives

  • Magnesium (Mg)
  • Strontium
  • Copper
  • Silicon
  • Titanium
  • Tibor® grain refiners

Examples of how our aluminum additives can help your castings


TiBor® Grain Refiner

The many advantages of using TiBor® Grain refiner include:

  • reduced shrinkage porosity
  • reduced size of hydrogen (gas) porosity
  • better distribution of the alloying elements
  • better response to heat treatment

The photos below display parts that were sectioned and etched to reveal the grain structure of each. The part shown in the photo to the left was produced prior to adding TiBor grain refiner. The part on the right was produced after adding TiBor grain refiner to the melt. The photos were not magnified. It is easy to see the dramatic difference in the grain size between the two parts. The part to the right with the finer grain size would display much better properties than the part with the large grain size shown in the photo on the left.

Strontium (Sr) Silicon Modification

Adding Strontium in very small amounts (.005% to .008%) modifies the silicon structure in the aluminum. Un-modified silicon particles in the casting are elongated with sharp needle-like points. This elongated structure makes for poor feeding properties of the mold and reduced fatigue strength in the part.  Adding small amounts of Sr to the melt breaks the silicon into smaller rounded particles. The smaller rounded silicon particles increase the fluidity of the melt making it easier to feed thin cast sections.

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Pricing and Delivery

Over the years, one of the key attributes of The Foundry Way is our fast load-out times and availability, along with competitive pricing. Insuring you have the quality product you need – when you need it.  Our professionals work closely with all of our customers, understanding their needs and demands for quality ingot while keeping you informed of the market volatility.  It is this communication which makes purchasing aluminum from The Foundry Way a good business-to-business partnership.

We can work directly with the smelter to have custom batches with specific chemical properties – giving you the aluminum you need without having to customize your melt process.  Also, ask us about our warehousing capabilities.



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