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Located in Milford, Ohio, The Foundry Way Ltd was founded in 1999 to serve the aluminum foundry industry. From aluminum ingot supply and scrap management services to foundry training and laboratory inspection services, The Foundry Way can help improve the bottom line of your aluminum casting operation.

Aluminum Ingot and Master Alloy Supply – We supply the highest quality primary and secondary aluminum in ingot, slabs, T-ingot, and sows. In addition, we stock aluminum-based master alloys for grain refinement, modification, and strengthening properties.

Industrial Scrap Management Services – Let The Foundry Way develop the perfect industrial scrap recycling program for your foundry or manufacturing operation. With our dedicated returnable scrap containers and on-site recycling center, we can develop an industrial scrap recycling program which minimizes your labor requirements and maximizes your scrap value.

Aluminum Casting Courses – Our 2-day Aluminum Casting and Metallurgy course provides critical knowledge to anyone working with aluminum castings. Whether you work in the foundry or with a company who purchases aluminum castings, our down-to-earth aluminum casting course integrates classroom learning with laboratory and hands-on techniques to ensure participants leave with a lasting understand of the critical processes and controls required to produce a good casting.

Metallurgical Laboratory Services – The Foundry Way’s state-of-the-art metallurgical laboratory offers a wide range of services from daily production testing to failure analysis and fluorescent penetrant inspection. Chemical testing, hardness testing, tensile testing, fluorescent penetrant testing and microstructural analysis are just a few of the services we offer.

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